Unfortunately Koole Osteopathie is temporarily closed from December 21st due to rehabilitation after surgery.

For appointments in Utrecht you can see my coworkers at Praktijk Dom in Utrecht:

For appointments in Amersfoort you can see my coworkers at Osteopathie praktijk Chris Vos (www.osteopathie-vos.nl):

  • Chris Vos (adult, baby and sports osteopath)
  • Roeland vd Put (adult and sports osteopath)
  • Alistair Alexander (adult osteopath)

For any questions or information you can stil reach me through email, whatsapp or phone.

For the latest information regarding my recovery you can follow me on instagram or Facebook, or you can send me an email asking me to let you know when I will be opening again to info@kooleosteopathie.nl

I hope to see you all again soon!

Family enjoying picknick in nature - Koole Osteopathie zorg voor iedereen

Welcome at Koole Osteopathie

Osteopathy, is that for me?

is dat iets voor mij?

Osteopathy can help in many ways. We treat all sorts of complaints and questions for all ages. From headaches and stomach pains to back ache and colicky babies.

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Grandma and grandson making dumplings
Osteopathic treatment of the shoulder

What is Osteopathy

Wat is osteopathie?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that sees the body as a whole. This means that the osteopath will look beyond the part that is hurting, and will look for the cause of the issue.

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Osteopathy for babies?

Osteopathy for babies?

When a baby isn't quite comfortable, but as a parent you're not sure why? In this case osteopathy can often help to check whether there is a physical cause. For more information press the button below.

Happy baby after treatment
Annika Koole

Who is Koole Osteopathie?

Who is Koole Osteopathie?

Annika Koole is the osteopath behind Koole Osteopathie. She has done several courses and studies in both the Netherlands and outside of it.

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