Availability: Wednesday

(Per 1 Augustus ook Vrijdag beschikbaar)

Amsterdamsestraatweg 128-134
3513AL Utrecht

By train: 10 min. walk from Utrecht Central station
By bus: line 3 and 120, stop 'viaduct'
By car: paid parking at the back of the building at the 1e Daalsedijk. Free parking further on at the Amsterdamsestraatweg near the watertower.


Availability: Mo-Thu-Fri

Van Randwijcklaan 2
3814AL Amersfoort

By train: 24 min. walk from Amersfoort Central Station
By bus: line 5, 6, and 203, stop 'kamp/de Stier'
By Car: Paid parking at the side of the building at the Van Randwijcklaan. Free parking further up the street at shopping area Neptunesplein. You can park here using a blue card. From there it's a 5 min. walk.